Emergency Preparedness

ALL staff are trained in Pediatriac First Aid, CPR, Water Safety, Fire Safety, Dealing with Challenging Behaviors, Developmentally Appropriate Behavior and Environmental Rating Scales pertinent to the group they are currently working with.

Immediate Evacuation

Children will be evacuated across the street to the Marion Sutherland Kirby Library in the event of a fire or other unsafe event whereas the Center becomes unsafe.

In Place Sheltering

Sudden occurrences, weather or hazardous materials related, many dictate that taking cover inside the building is the best immediate response. We are prepared to shelter in place for several days if necessary.

Mass Evacuation

Total evacuation of the facility may become necessary if there is a danger in the general community. In the case of a mass evacuation order, Mt. Top Kids has been assigned to evacuate to Pocono Downs Racetrack.

Modified Operations

It is the policy of the Center not to close for typical wintery conditions. However, should the building become unsafe (such as a utility outage) or conditions become so severe that staff must be sent home early...an early closing decision would be made.

Please listen to Channel 16, 22, or 28 for announcements relating to any of the emergency actions listed above. In addition, I will personally telephone every family if any of the above actions must be taken.

Please do NOT call during the emergency. This will keep the main line telephone free to make emergency calls and relay information. You will be called to let you know that I have taken one of these protective actions. An alternate phone number to call in case of emergency is my personal cell phone #520-3150.

A form provided by us, designating persons to pick up your child will be used anytime your child is released during an emergency situation. Please ensure ONLY those persons you list on the form attempt to pick up your child. Keep this form update at all times.

I specifically urge you NOT to attempt to make different arrangements during an emergency. This will only create additional confusion and divert staff from their assigned emergency duties.

In order to assure the safety of your children and our staff, I ask your understanding and cooperation. Should you have additional questions regarding our emergency operating procedures, contact me directly so that there is absolutely no confusion as to how these emergency plans will be put into operations.


Diana Crecca