Mt. Top Kids Preschool is a progressive program which promotes positive self esteem in children ages three, four, and five.  Mt. Top Kids follows an approved Early Childhood Curriculum. The Curriculum is centered on monthly themes.  Each day begins with a large group circle time.  Learning self control, communication, socialization, listening skills, math concepts (calendar), memorization (finger plays and songs), and knowledge about the weekly theme are all aspects of circle time. Mt. Top Kids operates a developmentally appropriate behavioral classroom. The room is set up with learning centers.  Learning centers, sometimes called discovery centers, exploration or interest areas, are physical places in the classroom where children can explore materials and interact with each other. The materials included in the center are diverse, multicultural, plentiful, and interesting to the children. Learning centers may vary from month to month but they usually consist of art, science, manipulatives, books, listening, dramatic play, music and movement, transportation and blocks, sensory, writing, and computers.

We follow the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards - PA Keys.

Approaches to Learning Through Play

Constructing, Organizing, and Applying Knowledge

Social and Emotional Development

Student Interpersonal Skills

Health, Wellness, and Physical Development

Learning About My Body

Mathematical Thinking and Expression

Exploring, Processing, and Problem-Solving

Scientific Thinking and Technology

Exploring Scientific Inquiry and Discovery

Language and Literacy Development

English Language Arts

Creative Thinking and Expression

Communicating Through the Arts

Social Studies Thinking

Connecting Communities

Partnerships for Learning

Family, Early Care and Education Programs, and Communities



Throughout the school year, different projects will be undertaken in Preschool. These may include a curriculum produced by the Burn Foundation of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Mini-March for Cystic Fibrosis, Hop-A-Thon for Muscular Dystrophy, and more.


Mt. Top Kids offers many opportunities for cultural enrichment such as trips to the Kirby Center's Young People's Performances. There are also optional trips for rollerskating, bowling, pumpkin picking in the fall, Reptile Land and the annual Shrine Circus.


Every Summer we offer a BIG trip to complement our Summer Theme. We have visited the Philadelphia Zoo, Camden Aquarium, Crayola Factory, and the Bronx Zoo. Parent chaperones are always welcomed.


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